The future depends on what you do today.

The future depends on what you do today.


  • Availability of different tests such as(Interest, Personality, Intelligence – Verbal &Non verbal and Aptitude Test)
  • Personal one to one counselling.
  • Merit data bank which helps to predict colleges.
  • More than 2000 actual student survey who study in different Universities.
  • Real assessment of placements of colleges(Technical data available).
  • I Smart parent concept- Its our premium service which helps parents to fill all different forms of admission/entrance tests. Expert will fill all forms as well as remind you on important dates. A management team with good contacts will help you to take admissions in management quota of famous colleges.(no need to face fraud agents/website for admissions)
  • Young dynamic research team to give ground report of colleges.
  • Industry survey to know market trend.
  • Experts from industry to guide post graduation studies.
  • Admission procedures and important parameters guidance.
  • Premium home service also available with prior appointments.
  • We dont work for quantity there are limited seats for every year to maintain quality of work and services.
  • A detailed and comprehensive report will be provided that maps students strengths and development areas and most suitable careers.

We conduct career guidance & counselling for students either on an individual basis or in a group format basis.

Our USP is clarity, standardization and accuracy of reports & recommendations borne out of years of in-depth research & refinement.

With a wide array of career choices ranging from engineering, mass media, medicine, IT, Biotechnology etc…..and the list is endless, how do students decide what to pursue as career and enjoy pursuing it for lifetime?

To recommend a appropriate career our counsellors conduct Career Assessment Test through which they get a detailed report on Individuals interest, their strengths and weaknesses which is explained thoroughly to the student and parents and three best career option is been recommended.

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